Most taxpayers are not really looking forward to making their annual (income) tax declaration. Although there are some PC programmes to help with this tedious job, you often need a lot of time to fill in everything and still some of your questions won’t be answered. You can also find applications for little money. Unfortunately, these apps have been created for standardized issues. Your special case is most likely to be missing there.

Within your German income tax return you can apply for several tax efficiencies. To realize these deductions, an application is needed and a tax return has to be filed. Such positive tax effects might result from contributions to certain (certified) pension plans or other old-age provision and / or household-related expenses. It is, of course, part of my services to check the relevant issues with you to minimize your tax burden as much as possible.

Also pensioners are often obliged to file an annual tax return and are on the tax authorities’ focus more than in the past. Beside a potential legal obligation, filing a tax return might be useful for other reasons. Pensioners with capital income exceeding the tax free amount might not necessarily have to pay the 25 per cent flat tax but maybe the lower individual tax rate.

Tax return

Who is obliged to file a tax return and who should? You can find the answer


I assist sportspeople – especially football players – with their taxes.

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